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Getting there & away

Local transport

Services to/from Tozeur (US$16, seven hours, five daily), Tataouine (US$19, 8½ hours, three daily), Matamata (US$14, eight hours, one daily), Jerba (US$17, eight hours, three daily), Sfax (US$10, four hours, hourly), Sousse (US$7, 2½ hours, hourly) and Tripoli (Libya; US$25, 11½ hours, several weekly) are found at the southern bus station; louages to the same destinations (except Tripoli) leave regularly nearby. At the northern bus station, services go to/from Tabarka (US$8, three hours, hourly), Ain Draham (US$8, 4½ hours, four daily), Jendouba (US$7, three hours, six daily) and Le Kef (US$8, 3½ hours, hourly) via Tebersouk. Louages for eastern Algeria leave from Rue el-Jazira and to Tripoli US$25, 10 hours) from Place Sidi Bou Mendil at the southeast corner of the medina.

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The most popular route is the line from Tunis to Sousse (US$7), Sfax (US$9) and Jendouba (US$5).

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Ferries from Europe arrive at La Goulette, at the end of the causeway across Lake Tunis. The cheapest way to reach the city from here is by TGM suburban train. A private taxi from the port to Ave Habib Bourguiba shouldn’t cost more than US$5.

Tirrenia Navagazione, whose agent is Carthage Tours (344 066; www.carthagetours.com.tn ; 59 Ave Habib Bourguiba), runs boats between Tunis and Trapani (passenger/car from US$50/100, Monday), Naples (US$100/170, Sunday), and sometimes La Spezia in Italy. Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation (CTN; 322 802; www.ctn.com.tn ; 122 Rue de Yougoslavie) runs services to/from Genoa (Italy; US$150/250) and Marseilles (France; US$180/380). Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée (SNCM; 338 222; www.sncm.fr ; 47 Farhat Hached) runs to/from Marseilles for similar prices as well as Bastia (Corsica; US$170/370).

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Tuninter, the internal airline of Tunis Air (330 100; www.tunisair.com ; 48 Ave Habib Bourguiba), flies from Tunis to/from Jerba, Sfax and Tozeur; each flight costs around US$80, but cheaper deals are sometimes available.

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