Tunisia: latest information for travellers

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Demonstrations on the streets of cities in Tunisia, coupled with outbreaks of violence and continuing uncertainty mean that for the time being, this beautiful and friendly country is best avoided.

This year was projected to be the best yet for Tunisian tourism. The winter sun and desert destination saw 31% more British travellers visit last year than in 2009, and with north Africa generally benefitting from further development and improved air links from Europe authorities had expected this year to be even better.

At this time of year Tunisia welcomes thousands of northern European tourists who come to pick up some sunshine and visit the country’s outstanding Roman ruins. However, protracted protests that have on occasion spilled over into violence and looting have seen most tourists in the country leave, and those planning a visit there think again.

Most British holiday firms have brought their holidaymakers home as a precautionary measure and the UK Foreign Office, along with the consular services of other nations, is advising against all but essential travel to Tunisia. This means that if you do go you’ll find anything that happens to you probably won’t be covered by travel insurance.

The situation may be unpredictable at the moment, but once the country settles down all the things that have made it one of the region’s best countries to visit will still be true. Don’t leave it off the list for any longer than you have to.

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