The perfect Lonely Planet book for every person in your life


It's getting to that nail-biting time of the year, when you are so mired in festivities you barely have time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones - and a handful of chocolate bars wrapped in a magazine from the 7-11 just isn't going to cut it. But fear not! We've got the ideal presents for your nearest and dearest, no matter what their interests. Added bonus - you can buy them all online and save the elbowing of crowds for when you really need it.

For the outdoorsy types - check out Lonely Planet's range of activity guides. Diving, hiking, walking - guides for getting the most out of the outside.

For food lovers - They will love the tales of food and travel in A Moveable Feast, or perhaps the squirm factor of Extreme Cuisine.

For the business travellerEncounter guides give you twice the city in half the time. Lots of local info and highlights - just perfect for a quick city break.

For creative types - Lonely Planet's Guide To Travel Photography will show them how to take the best shots of people, landscapes, cities and wildlife whilst they’re on the road, while Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Writing provides budding writers with advice on how to get their work published.

For adventurous travellers – They'll find a ton of inspiration in Best in Travel 2011 and 1000 Ultimate Experiences. Both books are jam-packed with top trip experiences so there'll be no shortage of travel ideas in the coming year. A Traveller's Guide to Planet Earth is another great gift for the globally curious, with 50 destinations to experience from the BBC’s spectacular documentary series.

For armchair travellers – Get inspired by our lush pictorials like The Travel Book. It's travel from the comfort of your own home!

For family travellers – Pack the kids and take it on the road with our Travel With Children guide

For younger, aspiring travellers – Head off on the journey of a lifetime with The Big Trip, Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide and Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips

For sports fans - A Year of Sport Travel will have the sports lover in your life planning a whole 12 months of sporty adventures across the globe

For the humourist – The yuckster in your life will love the unintentional hilarity of Signspotting and revel in the 'eeuw' factor of Extreme Cuisine

For the reader – We have travel tales galore in our range of travel literature

And for everyone else - You're bound to find something ideal in our full range of gift ideas. Happy holidays!