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Traveler Tips and Articles

10 must-see natural wonders in Indonesia

Brett Atkinson Lonely Planet author

A Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, stands on a remote beach in Komodo National Park

With more than 17,000 islands – ranging from palm-fringed islets to the leviathan bulk of Sumatra – Indonesia’s natural diversity is showcased amid more than 1.9 million sq km straddling the equator and stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Volcanic peaks rise from lush jungle, the underwater world is revealed in the planet’s […]

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Exploring Nayarit: beaches and beyond

Clifton Wilkinson Lonely Planet author

Legend has it that the island town of Mexcaltitán was the original home of the Aztecs © Rulex O / 500px

The state of Nayarit, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, is a beach lover’s paradise with a string of tiny pretty towns and secluded resorts guaranteeing your fun in the sun, margarita in hand. But if beach fatigue sets in and you fancy something more than the standard sea-and-sand sojourn, the rest of the state offers ancient […]

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Okinawa: secrets for a long and happy life

Rory Goulding Lonely Planet author

Mrs Toyo Kajigu in her house on the island of Taketomi; tatami mat floors often denote the 'best room' in a Japanese house © Matt Munro / Lonely Planet

Japan’s sunny southern islands see a remarkable number of 100th birthdays – the scientists have their theories as to why, but we’ve travelled to research our own list of top Okinawan lifestyle tips. Mrs Kajigu used to get up at 5am. Now that she is 104, she allows herself a lie-in, except for the two […]

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Exploring Vietnam’s remote Con Dao Islands

Iain Stewart Lonely Planet author

Vietnamese fishing boats on a tropical Con Dao Island. View from the pier in the direction of a beach with white sand.

Way south of the mainland, Vietnam’s idyllic Con Dao Islands (population 6000-ish) are the perfect oceanic antidote to the feverish energy and punishing pollution that can afflict the nation’s booming mega-cities. For decades the main settlement of Con Son was used by the French and Americans as an island prison for anti-regime activists and criminals. […]

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Balloons, beaches and fiery festivals in Taitung, Taiwan’s secret destination

Dinah Gardner and Megan Eaves Lonely Planet author

Taitung draws with its stunning Pacific coast and indigenous culture © Philos Chen / Shutterstock

On Taiwan’s southeastern coast, the alluring, snail-shaped county of Taitung is Taiwan’s wonderful secret. Taitung escapes mass tourism, despite having some of the island’s most stunning geography and being a hub for its deeply rooted cultural traditions. A powerful typhoon struck Taitung on 8 July 2016, causing two deaths, many injuries and significant damage to the region’s […]

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Seven reasons to explore Hong Kong Global Geopark right now

Piera Chen Lonely Planet author

Natural hexagonal columns in ethereal colours at Hong Kong Global Geopark © cozyta / Shutterstock

Twenty years after its return to China, Hong Kong is awakening to the importance of its natural and cultural heritage on a collective scale. And it should. The city is the top in Asia and fifth worldwide in the extent of its area designated for conservation, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Travel and Tourism Report. […]

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Rediscovering Bali in laid-back Pemuteran

Ryan Ver Berkmoes Lonely Planet author

Ijen Volcano rising above Menjangan Island, offshore from Pemuteran © LoweStock / Getty Images

Sinuous ribbons of green unfold on all sides as you wind your way through the rugged central mountains of Bali. It’s a timeless tableaux of tumbling rice terraces, the kind of vista that causes hands to go searching for the camera-phone, even before the brain says ‘that would make a great picture’. But perhaps the […]

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Sultry Southern Thailand: a guide to the Trang Islands

Isabella Noble Lonely Planet author

Everything you would want from a tropical island © jaturunp / Getty Images

Extending in a splendid arc down Thailand’s far southern Andaman coast, the glittering Trang Islands offer a wonderful step up in tranquility from their well-tramped neighbours Ko Lanta, Ko Phi-Phi and Phuket. Thanks to ever-better transport connections, short island-hopping distances and lush, unspoilt, coconut-palm beauty, these sun-drenched isles represent some of Thailand’s few remaining offbeat […]

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When the snow stops falling: the lesser-known pleasures of Hokkaidō

Rebecca Milner Lonely Planet author


For most people, Hokkaidō is synonymous with snow and skiing, but Japan’s northernmost island is also a top destination in the warmer months: it’s a place to stretch your legs on epic hikes, train your eyes on distant horizons, indulge in world-class seafood, or just escape from the hot humidity of cities further south. In the past […]

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Autumnal adventures: What to do in Ireland in the fall

Catherine Le Nevez Lonely Planet author

Trek through colourful fall foliage in Northern Ireland's majestic Tollymore Forest Park

Lonely Planet has produced this article for Tourism Ireland. All editorial views are those of Lonely Planet alone and reflect our policy of editorial independence and impartiality. The Emerald Isle’s forests, parks and undulating countryside turn a kaleidoscope of gold, ruby and topaz hues come fall. Autumn is one of the most atmospheric seasons to […]

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