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Traveler Tips and Articles Archive: November 2012

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Traveler Tips and Articles

Petra: secrets of Jordan’s lost city

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet author

Vast stacks of sandstone loom over the arid valley of Wadi Musa like giant handfuls of sun-baked clay. But even in this parched landscape, there are places where the sun casts no light. Walls 200m high keep the Siq permanently cast in shadow – it’s as though the long, narrow canyon passes through the dark […]

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Forget the Med: five stunning stretches of coast in northern Europe

Anita Isalska Lonely Planet author

Travellers flock to the Mediterranean shores of Italy, France and Spain, but for deliciously different places to dip your toes, look a little further north on your map of Europe. You’ll need a sweater if you visit outside the summer, but the views, dunes and magical history are worth a slightly paler suntan. Pomerania, Poland […]

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Enter the Dragon: exploring Bangkok’s Chinatown

Tim Richards Lonely Planet author

Bangkok is a city of temples and eat streets scattered across many neighbourhoods, each with its own personality. However, you haven’t fully experienced the City of Angels until you’ve taken a cue from Bruce Lee and entered the dragon. The dragon, in this case, is Thanon Yaowarat, the main thoroughfare which threads through Bangkok’s Chinatown. […]

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The world’s best multi-day treks…without high altitudes

Caroline Sieg Lonely Planet author

Love trekking but suffer from altitude sickness? Or do you just want to want to enjoy a good trek without worrying about acclimatising? Altitude sickness, which usually kicks in around 2500-3000 metres (8200-9850 feet) and higher, affects some (but not all) of us, no matter how healthy you are. And while we love Peru’s Inca […]

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The best beaches in Australia

Kate Armstrong Lonely Planet author

With more than 10,000 beaches around its shores, Australia leads the way when it comes to incredible sand and surf. Some beaches are playgrounds for marine and other wildlife, and the most beautiful beaches are so expansive or remote that you don’t have to fight for towel space. Here’s an at-a-glance – but by no […]

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  • 28 November 2012
  • 12:32pm
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How to be an Aussie beach bum

Kate Armstrong Lonely Planet author

When it comes to hanging out at the beach, Aussies have a few unwritten ‘rules’ of behaviour. To make the most of your visit Down Under, and do a convincing impression of a bona fide Aussie beach bum, here are some helpful pointers: Beach etiquette ‘Thongs’ by Johnny Jet. Creative Commons Attribution Licence The most […]

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New York City for first-timers

Robert Reid
Lonely Planet author

Central Park

Baffled by the Big Apple, or hoping to glimpse the stranger side of NYC? Check out Lonely Planet’s essential guide for first-timers, or for a peek at New York’s oddities, our friends at BBC Travel have all the secrets. No question stumps a New Yorker more than the most common one from a first-time visitor: […]

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The world’s best high teas

Joe Minihane Lonely Planet author

Sipping tea in rarefied surroundings is a simple treat that can turn a fun city break into something truly memorable. High (or afternoon) tea, involving delicate cakes, buttery scones and the occasional glass of bubbly, is an English tradition dating back to the 1840s. So it’s unsurprising that the world’s best spots to indulge in […]

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Best places to shop for travel gear and gadgets

Shawn Low Lonely Planet author

Gadgets. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re rapidly becoming part of the traveller’s arsenal. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune: next time you’re planning a trip overseas, consider taking along your travel tech shopping list. You can save plenty of cash if you know where to shop – and that means […]

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Bienvenue, Louvre number two: France’s newest cultural treasure trove

Kerry Christiani Lonely Planet author

The former French coal-mining town of Lens will be in focus for art lovers around the world this year, as Louvre-Lens (www.louvrelens.fr), a regional branch of the Louvre and one of Europe’s most exciting new art galleries, is inaugurated on 4 December 2012 (coinciding with St Barbara Day to honour the patron saint of coal […]

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