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Money & costs



The Guyanese dollar (G$) is more or less stable, but it’s declining in line with domestic inflation. Guyanese dollars add up to large amounts – a Coke is around G$100, for example – so don’t faint when you see meals costing thousands of dollars on local menus.

At the time of research there were no ATMs accepting foreign cards although there were some vague ideas of establishing one at the airport and another at the cricket stadium.

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Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted at Georgetown’s better hotels and restaurants, though not at gas stations, most stores or anywhere else. Credit card advances can be made only at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

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Exchanging money

Cash can be exchanged in banks (8am-2pm Mon-Fri) and cambios (exchange houses; 9am-3:30pm Mon-Fri), which offer better rates and less red tape than banks. Sometimes you can change cash unofficially at hotels for 10% or 15% less.

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