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Getting there & away

All international and domestic flights leave from Rochambeau International Airport (29-97-00).

Airline offices in town or at Rochambeau:

Air Caraïbes (29-36-36; gsa.aircaraibes@wanadoo.fr; Centre de Katoury, rte Rocade)

Air France (29-87-00; 17 Rue Lalouette & airport; www.airfrance.gf)

Air Guyane (29-36-30; airport; www.airguyane.com)

TAF (30-70-00; 2 Rue Lalouette)

Book seats well in advance to get the cheapest fares. Destinations and one-way flight details:

Belém (Brazil) TAF, US$269, 1¼ hours, two weekly; Air Caraíbes, US$219, 1¼ hours, seven weekly.

Fort-de-France (Martinique) Air France, US$365, two hours, two weekly; Air Caraíbes, US$375, two hours, two weekly.

Macapá (Brazil) TAF, US$209, one hour, six weekly.

Saül Air Guyane, US$72, 40 minutes, five weekly.