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The Gambia

Money & costs


The local currency dalasi (D) has for years suffered a dramatic decrease in value, and inflation continues, though it’s at 8% less dramatic than in the early noughties.

There are no restrictions on its import or export, but the money’s useless outside The Gambia.

It’s best to change money at banks or exchange bureaus. Both offer about the same rate. Avoid changing on the black market. A serious government crackdown on illegal moneychangers means that you don’t only risk getting ripped off, but might also get into trouble with the police.

If you’ve come in from Senegal and have no dalasi, CFA francs are widely accepted.

In Banjul and around the coastal resorts you can find several banks with ATMs that accept Visa cards (the withdrawal limit is usually D2000). It’s best to change before heading upcountry, where exchange facilities are rare.