Ban Chiang National Museum

Ban Chiang National Museum information

Ban Chiang , Thailand
admission 150B
Opening hours
9am-4pm Tue-Sun
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This excellent museum exhibits a wealth of pottery from all Ban Chiang periods, plus myriad spearheads, sickles, fish hooks, ladles, neck rings and other metal objects. The displays (with English labels) offer excellent insight into the region's distant past and, just as interestingly, how its mysteries were unravelled. Hidden in back is a room showcasing the culture of the Tai Phuan people, who migrated here about 200 years ago and founded the present town. One kilometre east, at Wat Pho Si Nai , is an original burial ground excavation pit , with a cluster of 52 individual burial sites dating to 300 BC. It shows how bodies were laid to rest with pottery. It's included in the museum ticket, though it's free on Mondays.