Tham Erawan

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Lonely Planet review

High up the side of a beautiful limestone mountain, Tham Erawan is a large cave shrine, featuring a giant seated Buddha. Gazing out over the mountain-studded plains below, the Buddha is visible from several kilometres away and can be reached by a winding staircase of 600 steps. The views are superb, especially at sunset. More stairs and a line of lights lead you through the massive chamber and out the other side of the mountain. Be sure to get out of the cave before they turn the lights out.

The temple is along Rte 210, just across the Nong Bualamphu Province line. Buses from Loei (25B to 35B, 1ΒΌ hours, every half-hour) to Udon Thani will drop you 2.5km away. A motorcycle taxi will shuttle you to the temple for 30B.