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Ko Tao

Getting around

Assuming you have at least three to four people, the following are approximate prices (per person) for sǎwngthǎew from Mae Hat: Sai Ri (50B), Chalok Ban Kao (50B), Tanot (100B), Hin Wong (100B), Ao Leuk (100B) and Thian Ok (100B). You will be asked to pay for the whole taxi if there is only one or two of you (350B to 450B to most destinations). Many guesthouses will send representatives to the pier, or alternatively you can call for a pick-up if you know where you intend to stay. Sǎwngthǎew from Sai Ri cost approximately 80B to Chalok Ban Kao and 120B to Ao Leuk.

There are boat taxis from Mae Hat to Chalok Ban Kao (200B per person), Nang Yuan (150B) and Tanot (400B). Long-tail boats can be chartered for around 1500B a day, depending on the number of passengers carried.

Walking is an easy way to get around the island, but some remote trails aren’t clearly marked and can be difficult to follow. You can walk around the whole island in a day, although the hilly paths make it a challenge. Consider renting a mountain bike if you’re in good shape.

Many tourists rent motorcycles on Ko Tao (150B per day). If you’re confident on two wheels then this is a good way to get around, though there aren’t a lot of roads on the island. The main ones are paved, but the more remote ones are rutty, sometimes steep, dirt paths. These shouldn’t be attempted by novices.