Wat U Mong

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Chiang Mai , Thailand
Soi Wat U Mong, Th Khlong Chonprathan
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This forest wát is best known for its secluded sylvan setting and a series of interconnecting brick tunnels built around 1380 for the clairvoyant monk Thera Jan. A marvellously grisly fasting Buddha sits on top of the tunnel hill, along with a large and venerated chedi .

Wat U Mong is off of Th Suthep near Chiang Mai University. Note that there is another Wat U Mong in town, so to clearly instruct a driver ask for 'Wat U Mong Thera Jan'.

The temple was first used during Phaya Mengrai's rule in the 14th century. The monastery was abandoned at a later date and wasn't reactivated until a local Thai prince sponsored a restoration in the late 1940s. The since-deceased Ajan Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, a well-known monk and teacher at southern Thailand's Wat Suanmok (a famous meditation temple), sent a number of monks to re-establish a monastic community at Wat U Mong in the 1960s.

Also on the grounds is a small artificial lake, surrounded by gù·đì (monastic cottages).