Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari information

Chiang Mai , Thailand
Rte 121/Th Klorng Chonprathan
+66 5399 9000
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safari adult/child 800/400B
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This attraction is open during the day, but the real action happens at night when an open-sided tram transports visitors through the park. The Predator Prowl and Savannah Safari are the two zones visited during these night safaris and English-language trams leave at 7.45pm and 9.30pm, and 8.30pm and 10.15pm, respectively.

Non-human-eating animals – including wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros and zebra – come right up to the tram. In the Predator Prowl section, the tigers, lions, Asiatic black bears and crocodiles are kept at a safe distance by deep trenches.

Arrive around dusk so that the kids have enough to time to play on the playground. There are also day safaris and a walking trail called Jaguar Trail (adult/child 100/50B) encircling Swan Lake, a 1.2km walk where over 50 species (ranging from rabbits to cranes) are generally not in cages, except of course the trail's namesake animal.

The Night Safari is about 12km from central Chiang Mai. Most bookings are made through a tour agency that handles hotel transfer.