Doi Chiang Dao

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Part of the Doi Chiang Dao National Park, Doi Chiang Dao pokes into the heavens at 2195m above sea level. From the summit, reachable by a two-day hike, the views are spectacular. The southern side of the mountain is believed to be one of the most accessible spots in the world to see the giant nuthatch and Hume's pheasant. Birdwatching and overnight treks can be arranged through local guesthouses.

If you just want to wander by yourself, continue to the end of the cave road to Samnak Song Tham Pha Plong (Tham Pha Plong Hermitage), where the famous meditation master Luang Pu Sim once resided. A long, steep stairway leads up the mountain to a large chedi framed by forest and limestone cliffs.