Forensic Medicine Museum

Forensic Medicine Museum information

Bangkok , Thailand
2nd fl, Forensic Medicine Bldg, Siriraj Hospital
Ext - 6363
+66 2419 7000
Getting there
Ferry: Thonburi Railway (Tha Rot Fai, N11) or Tha Wang Lang (Siriraj, N10)
admission 40B
Opening hours
9am-4pm Mon-Sat
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While it’s not exactly CSI, pickled body parts, ingenious murder weapons and other crime-scene evidence are on display at this medical museum, intended to educate rather than nauseate. Among the grisly displays is a bloodied T-shirt from a victim stabbed to death with a dildo, and the preserved but rather withered cadaver of Si Ouey, one of Thailand’s most prolific and notorious serial killers who murdered – and then ate – more than 30 children in the 1950s. Despite being well and truly dead (he was executed), today his name is still used to scare misbehaving children into submission: ‘Behave yourself or Si Ouey will come for you’. There are another five dusty museums on the vast Siriraj Hospital grounds, all with variations on the medical theme. Given the huge construction project at the northern edge of the hospital grounds, the best way to get here is by express ferry or cross-river ferry to Tha Wang Lang (Tha Siriraj) in Thonburi, turn right (north) into the hospital and follow the signs; or just say ‘Si Ouey’ and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.