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Yusup information

Bangkok , Thailand
531/12 Kaset-Navamin Hwy
Getting there
Subway: Mo Chit exit 3 & taxi
mains 50-120B
Opening hours
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The Thai-language sign in front of this restaurant boldly says rah·chah kôw mòk (King of Biriani) and Yusup backs it up with flawless biriani, not to mention mouth-puckeringly sour oxtail soup and decadent gaang mát·sà·màn (Muslim curry).

To get here, take a taxi heading north from BTS Mo Chit and tell the driver to take you to the Kaset intersection and turn right on Th Kaset-Navamin. Yusup is on the left-hand side, about 1km past the first stoplight.

For dessert try roh·đee wăhn, a paratha-like crispy pancake topped with sweetened condensed milk and sugar – a dish that will send most carb-fearing Westerners running away screaming.