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Getting there & away




Ayuthaya has two bus terminals. The long-distance terminal is 5km east of central Ayuthaya and serves destinations north of the city; most locals refer to it as the Asia Highway station. The provincial bus stop is on Th Naresuan, a short walk from the guesthouse area. Buses from Bangkok arrive two blocks away from the provincial stop.

Ayuthaya-bound buses leave from Bangkok’s Northern and Northeastern bus terminal (45B, 1½ hours, frequent) and pass by the old Don Muang airport on their way out of town. The old airport used to provide an ideal getaway for visitors who wanted to skip Bangkok in favour of Ayuthaya, but now that the airport has moved to Bangkok’s eastern suburbs the trip is more involved. You must take a bus from the new airport to Don Muang and then catch an Ayuthaya-bound bus from the stop near the Don Muang train station.

There are also minivans to Bangkok’s Victory Monument (60B, two hours, every 20 minutes from 5am to 5pm), leaving from Th Naresuan, east of the main bus terminal.

Buses to Lopburi (45B, two hours) leave frequently from the provincial terminal on Th Naresuan. Oversized sǎwngthǎew (small pick-up trucks) to/from Bang Pa-In (20B, one hour) also leave from this stop.

The long-distance bus station has services to most major northern towns, including Sukhothai (216B to 300B, six hours, hourly departures), Chiang Mai (605B to 805B, nine hours, three evening departures) and Nan (500B to 800B, eight hours, three nightly departures).


The train station is east of central Ayuthaya and is accessible by a quick cross-river ferry (3B).

Trains to Ayuthaya leave Bangkok’s Hualamphong station (15B to 20B, 1½ hours) throughout the day with more departures between 6am to 10am and from 3pm to 11pm. Train schedules are available from the information booth at Hualamphong station. To save transit time, consider using Bangkok’s subway system to go to Bang Sue station, which intersects with the state railway line at the station of the same name.

You can also use the train to go north to Chiang Mai (586B to 1298B, depending on class, three departures a day) or northeast to Pak Chong (130B, numerous departures), the jumping-off point for Khao Yai National Park.

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There are no passenger boat services operating between Bangkok and Ayuthaya, but there are several tour companies that make the river journey north from the capital.

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