Ku Phra Koh Na

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Around Roi Et , Thailand
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Fifty kilometres southeast of Roi Et town are the minor Khmer ruins of Ku Phra Koh Na , an 11th-century Hindu shrine. The Baphuon-style temple comprises three brick prang facing east from a sandstone base surrounded by a sandstone-slab wall that once had four gates. The middle prang was replastered in 1928 and Buddha niches were added. The attached Buddha footprint shrine is fronted by original naga sculptures. The two other prang have been restored (though they still look like they might tumble any time) in their original forms. The northern prang has a reclining Phra Narai (Vishnu) lintel over the main door while the lintel above the northern false door of the other prang shows Kali.

The ruins themselves are neither impressive nor well restored, but it's interesting to see how they've been incorporated into the modern temple. And if that doesn't thrill you, spend your time watching the hundreds of monkeys living here.

Surin-bound buses from Roi Et can drop you off at Wat Ku (40B, one hour), as it's known locally, which is 6km south of Suwannaphum on Rte 214.