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Introducing Zanzibar

The winding alleyways are still there, and the carved doors. Forodhani Gardens still is the place to go in the evenings, with the setting sun illuminating the scene. The east coast beaches are as lovely as ever. But, Zanzibar has changed. It’s due in part to the masses of visitors who descend on the island during the high season. In part, it’s due to the seemingly endless proliferation of new hotels, most built with apparently no thought for the surrounding community and ecosystems. Whatever the reason, the sense of stepping back in time, the island’s once-legendary ability to transport the visitor through centuries and cultures, is no longer there. Is the magic completely gone? Probably not, although it’s certainly more difficult to find. But, come and see for yourself. And, travel wisely. Not only do smart travel choices matter, but here they could make the difference between Zanzibar’s strangulation or its survival.