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Getting there & away




Buses and minibuses run throughout the day to Arusha (TSh1000, one to 1½ hours) and Marangu (TSh700, one hour).

To Dar es Salaam, the best lines are Royal Coach (TSh17, 000) and Scandinavian Express (ordinary/luxury TSh17, 000/24, 000), both with daily mid-morning departures. The 6.30am Dar Express (TSh12, 000) usually arrives in time for the afternoon ferry to Zanzibar; there are also two later morning departures (TSh14, 000).

To Nairobi (TSh8000 to TSh17, 000, five hours) and Mwanza (TSh22, 000 to TSh32, 000, about 20 hours), the best lines are Scandinavian and Akamba, both of which go daily, and should be booked in advance. The other option to Nairobi is one of the shuttle buses run by Davanu shuttle (cnr Old Moshi & Mawenzi Rds), Riverside shuttle (Boma Rd) and Impala shuttle (275 1786; Kibo Rd). Departures from Moshi are at 6.30am and 11.30am, though you’ll need to wait an hour in Arusha in transit.

Except for the lines listed following, all transport leaves from the main bus station in the town centre between Market St and Mawenzi Rd. The station is chaotic and full of touts and disreputable types – it’s worth paying the TSh1000 for a taxi just to get away from the station.

Akamba (275 3908; cnr New & Makinga Sts) Just around the corner from Buffalo Hotel.

Dar Express (Old Moshi Rd) Opposite KCNU Hotel, off the clock tower roundabout.

Royal Coach (cnr Aga Khan Rd & Kaunda St) Opposite the bus stand and just down from the mosque.

Scandinavian Express (275 1387; Mawenzi Rd) South of the bus stand, opposite the Hindu temple.

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Almost all flights to Moshi land at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). There are daily flights connecting KIA with Dar es Salaam (US$130), Zanzibar (US$135) and Entebbe (Uganda) on Air Tanzania (275 5205; Rengua Rd). Precision Air (275 3495; Old Moshi Rd) has daily flights connecting KIA with Dar es Salaam, Mwanza (via Shinyanga, US$140 to Mwanza) and Nairobi (Kenya; US$209).

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