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Getting there & away




Taichung Bus Company (2225 5561) runs frequent buses to Puli (NT150, one hour). Renyou Bus Company (2225 5166) has four buses a day to Sun Moon Lake (NT190, 90 minutes) leaving from their office at 110 Luchuan St. The first bus leaves at 8am.

Kuo Kuang Hao Bus Company (2226 6168) runs frequent buses to Taipei (NT260, 3 hours). Fengyuan Bus Company (2222 3454), near the train station, run buses once a day (8am departure) to Hehuanshan, Lishan and Wuling Farm.


There are frequent trains to/from Taipei (fast/slow train NT375/241, two/three hours) and Kaohsiung (fast/slow train NT470/303, 2½/three hours) from early morning until almost midnight.

High-speed rail (hsr)

You can take a HSR train to Taichung (or to nearby New Wurih) from Taipei (NT700, one hour) but you may not save much time over the regular fast train and it will cost you nearly twice as much. At the time of writing there were trains running about every hour, though this freqency will certainly increase as time goes on. Below the station you can catch a regular train to Taichung station (NT15, 10 minutes, every 20 min).

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Taichung’s new Cing Cyuan Gang Airport (2615 5206; www.tca.gov.tw/English/Introduction.htm) mostly serves the domestic market though there are flights to Hong Kong. In the future more ­international flights are expected.

UNI Air (2615 5188) and Mandarin Airlines (2615 5080) have ticket counters at the airport. There are flights to Taipei, Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, Hualien and Taitung.

There’s a visitor centre (2615 5029; 8am-5pm) to help you with your travel questions.

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