Meiyuan Zhucun (Jhucun) Trail

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Meiyuan Zhucun (Jhucun) Trail information

About 6km up from Tienhsiang, at the Km164.5 mark on a switchback, this 12.4km trail runs up the rugged Dasha and Taosai River valleys along a path chiselled into cliff walls. At the Chiumei (Jiumei) suspension bridge (20 minutes' hike up the main trail), a 2.1km side trail leads to Lotus Pond (蓮花池步道; Liánhuā Chí Bùdaò).

Though a popular hiking route (plan on eight hours for a return trip on the main trail, and three hours return if you only go to Lotus Pond), it's also the only outside access for two tiny farming villages that are deep in the mountains. Once the site of Taroko indigenous settlements, the villages were resettled after the construction of the Central Cross-Island Hwy.