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Getting there & away



The Taiwan Hangye Company (Kaohsiung 07-561 3866; 5 Chiehhsing-1st St; Makung Map pp308-9 926 4087; Makung Harbour Terminal Bldg) operates Taiwanline, a boat that travels between Kaohsiung and Makung (NT800 to NT1300, 3½ hours) from mid-March into September. The schedule changes every three months and boats are limited in winter.

The Tomorrow Star runs between Putai (near Chiayi) and Makung (NT812, 90 minutes). To inquire call Makung Tomorrow Star (926 0666; Makung Harbour Terminal Bldg).

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Makung is well connected to Taiwan’s major cities, and flights leave daily from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Chiayi. Flights also leave regularly going to nearby Chimei and Wang’an Islands. Travel agencies around Chungcheng Rd can help arrange tickets. The following airlines have offices in Makung airport.

Fuhsing Airlines (922 8866)

Mandarin Airlines (922 8688)

TransAsia Airways (922 8888)

Uni Air (922 8999)

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