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Outer Islands

Getting there & away

Mandarin Airlines (Kaohsiung 07 802 6868; Makung 921 6966) has flights between Kaohsiung and Chimei (35 minutes) and Chimei and Makung (15 minutes); flight prices vary, but are under NT1000 each way.

Boats to Chimei and Wang’an leave from the South Seas Tourist Service Centre (Nánhǎi Yóukè Fúwù Zhōngxīn; 926 4738; Makung Harbour Third Fishing Dock; 8am-5pm) in Makung. In the high season you can often find boats that go to both before returning in the evening, often stopping on Tongan (Tǒngpán) and Huching (Hǔjǐng), two of the smaller islands on the way. A full-day trip that hits four islands with one- and two-hour stops at Wang’an and Chimei (and brief stops at the other two) costs around NT500, depending on the operators. Schedules are posted in the tourist service centre.

Boats leave for Chipei from the North Sea Tourist Service Centre (Běi Hǎi Yóukè Fúwù Zhōngxīn) in Chihkan, in northeast Paisha, daily. Schedules vary, and some boats will go to Chipei as part of an overall tour to many of the smaller islands north of Paisha.