Grandma Nitti's

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Grandma Nitti's information

Taipei , Taiwan
8 Lane 93, Shida Rd
Getting there
Metro: Taipower Building
dishes NT$150-400
Opening hours
breakfast, lunch & dinner
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A mainstay of Taipei's Western community, Nitti's serves comfort food such as waffles, burgers, Philly-cheese steaks, Mexican dishes and family-sized pastas. Best bang for your buck are Nitti's all-day breakfasts, served from 9am to 5pm. At NT$180 for the usual eggs, pancakes, bacon, ham, hash browns and bottomless tea or coffee, it's the best deal in the house. There's a comfy streetside terrace and the windowed space upstairs is a great place to mull over newspapers. Animal lovers take note: Rainbow (aka Grandma Nitti) is a mainstay in Taiwan's animal-protection community, so if you wind up adopting a pet and want to know how to go about bringing it back home with you (this happens more often than you might think – Taiwanese dogs are exceptionally adorable), she's the one to ask about pet-export regulations.

Nitti's sister business, My Sweetie Pie is on the same alley, has a less frantic atmosphere than the always-busy Nitti's, and serves some of the best cakes and pies to be had this side of the Taiwan Strait.