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Tainan City

Getting there & away




Buses to Taipei (NT500, five to six hours, every hour) leave from the UBus Station (226 8108; 2 Beinan Rd) to the left of the train station. Buses also leave from a host of other bus stations to the right down Beinan Rd. Note that if you catch the UBus between midnight and 6am the fare is only NT260.


Tainan is a major stop on the Western Line. Trains to/from Taipei (fast/slow train NT741/476, four/5½ hours) and Kaohsiung (fast/slow train NT107/50, 30 minutes/one hour) run every half hour from 5am to ­midnight.

The High-Speed Rail (HSR; NT1450, two hours) runs trains about every hour between Taipei to Tainan. Note the station is about 30 to 40 minutes south of the city centre.

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There are flights from Tainan to Taipei and Kinmen. Far Eastern Air Transport (260 1271), Uni Air (260 3683) and Transasia Airways (260 1273) have reservation counters in Tainan Airport (www.tna.gov.tw). There’s a visitor centre (335 9209; 8.30am-5.30pm) at the airport with English-speaking staff who can help you with all your needs. There’s also an ATM at the airport and a car-hire agency.

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