Yong'an Street

Yong'an Street information

Meinong , Taiwan
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This was the first street in Meinong, and some of the oldest family residences can still be found in the narrow back alleys.

Just behind the East Gate at the end of the street is a famous Bogong shrine , dedicated to the Earth God and especially popular among the Hakka. In old Hakka style no statue is used, just a stone tablet and incense. There are over 400 Bogong shrines around Meinong but this is the most valued. Bow three times to this or any other shrine to bring peace to your life.

Meinong residents have long placed a high premium on book learning. Oblation furnaces such as the 235-year-old Minongjhuang Oblation Furnace at the start of Yong'an St were designed to dispose of paper that contained written text, thus signifying such paper's exalted status.