British Consulate Residence at Takou (Dagou)

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British Consulate Residence at Takou (Dagou) information

Kaohsiung , Taiwan
20 Linhai Rd
adult/student/child NT$66/49/39
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Built in 1865, this handsome red-brick consulate residence sits 70m above the mouth of Kaohsiung Harbour, a perfect location for watching giant container ships sail through the tiny mouth of the harbour. There's also an interesting clash of cultures to observe here as Chinese tourists react in bewilderment to the open presence of Falun Gong posters decrying the Beijing government.

While in the area, check out a tiny temple to the left of the larger temple beside the consulate. It's the only shrine in Taiwan to deify 17th-century Dutch naval commanders, much in the way old Chinese generals have been deified over the centuries.

The consulate is a five-minute walk from Sizihwan Beach.