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Introducing Wulai

This mountainous township 25km directly south of Taipei is a world apart from its urban neighbour. In the thickness of jungle that covers most of the area you'll find spectacular waterfalls, deep river pools for swimming, endless hiking trails and top birdwatching venues. Wulai (Wūlái, which means 'hot spring water') is a beautiful and largely untamed slice of Taiwan.

The main village in the township, also called Wulai, is a popular place for hot springing. The village area is a bit shabby but the tourist street is fun for sampling aboriginal snacks, and sitting down to a hearty meal after a long day in the wilds.

There's one main road through the township, Provincial Hwy 9甲, which terminates at Fushan (福山), the start of hiking trails running across to Ilan County and Baling on the North Cross-Island Highway.