Wuliao Jian

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Wuliao Jian information

Sansia , Taiwan
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On the outskirts of Sansia, the Wuliao Jian trail doesn't cover much ground yet takes six hours to complete. After all, you need to tread slowly on a ridge that's less than a hand's-breadth wide in places. Definitely don't go unless you have a good head for heights and are in the mood for a challenge.

As with other crazy ridge walks in the north, you'll find secure ropes and guide poles in place where they are needed. There are also rough maps in place and it's tough to get lost.

The easiest way to get to Wuliao Jian is to take the MRT to Yongning station and then a taxi to the trailhead (NT$300 to NT$400). If you want to save money catch bus 916 from Exit 1 to Sansia's Taipei Bus Company and then catch a bus heading to Manyueyuan Forest Recreation Area.

At the temple at the end of the hike you can usually ask for a taxi to come and pick you up.