Sileng Hot Spring

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Sileng Hot Spring information

This beautifully set natural spring lies at the bottom of a steep ravine. Despite the rough trail down, it's one of the more accessible wild springs in Taiwan, and popular on weekends. The springs seep and gush down a rock slope, coloured with deposits from the waters, and gather in small pools on a shelf above the river. You can pitch a tent nearby too.

To get here, head west from Mingchih exactly 7.1km (to around Km58.5). As you go around a sharp bend that juts out into the valley you'll see a small spot to park. Leave your car here then look for a hot-spring symbol on the cement parapet to your left. Cross the barrier and follow the trail down for 40 minutes or so until you reach the river. The springs are obvious on the other side, though you may get off track a few times. Give yourself plenty of time and be aware that you are going into a potentially dangerous situation.

Note that you must cross the river at the end, so don't go after heavy rains, especially in spring and summer. River shoes are helpful.