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Ua Pou

Getting there & away



The Aranui and Taporo VI stop at Hakahau; the Aranui also stops at Hakahetau.

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There is an office for Air Tahiti (91 52 25; 9am-noon Mon & Tue, 2-4pm Wed, 9am-noon & 3-4pm Fri) in Hakahau. There's another branch at the airport (92 51 08).

There are flights five days a week on a 20-seater plane from Nuku Hiva to 'Ua Pou (6000 CFP one way), connecting with the Pape'ete-Nuku Hiva flight (Pape'ete to 'Ua Pou costs 31,000 CFP one way). There are also five weekly flights from Atuona on Hiva Oa to 'Ua Pou, sometimes via Nuku Hiva (7500 CFP one way).

Based on Nuku Hiva, the Héli-Inter Marquises (92 02 17) service between Taiohae and Hakahau is on Tuesday (13,000 CFP one way, 15 minutes).

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