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Nuku Hiva

Getting there & away



It is possible to charter a boat to go to 'Ua Pou or 'Ua Huka (from 35, 000 to 50, 000 CFP for the crossing). Contact Laurent Falchetto (92 05 78), MarquisesPlaisance (92 08 75) or XavierCurvat (92 00 88), the director of the dive centre.

The Aranui and Taporo VI stop at Nuku Hiva, docking at the end of the bay in Taiohae, as do several cruise ships including the Gauguin and the Tahitian Princess. The Aranui goes to Taipivai and Hatiheu as well as Taiohae.

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The office for Air Tahiti (92 03 41; 8am-noon & 2-4pm Mon-Fri) is on the eastern side of the cove at Taiohae and at the Nuku Ataha airport (92 01 45).

There are daily flights between Pape'ete and Nuku Hiva (28, 000 CFP one way, three hours). There is also one direct flight per week from Rangiroa to Nuku Hiva but no service going back to Rangiroa (28, 000 CFP one way, 2½ hours).

Within the Marquesas there are flights from Nuku Hiva to Hiva Oa (10, 000 CFP one way), 'Ua Huka and 'Ua Pou (both cost 6000 CFP one way). There are three Nuku Hiva-'Ua Huka return flights a week, and four Nuku Hiva-'Ua Pou return flights weekly. These flights connect with the Pape'ete flights through Nuku Hiva.

Héli-Inter Marquises (92 02 17; helico-nuku@mail.pf; 7.30am-noon & 12.30-4pm Mon-Fri) is just behind the quay on the mountain side of the road. There are regular helicopter shuttle services to 'Ua Pou (13, 000 CFP one way) on Tuesdays or you can charter a flight to any of the other inhabited islands of the archipelago. Credit cards are accepted.

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