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Introducing Fatu Hiva

As far away from the rest of the world as it’s possible to get in these modern times (despite mobile phones and satellite TVs), Fatu Hiva is a marvellous ‘stop the world and get off’ place. When arriving by boat (there’s no landing strip), expect a visual shock: wrinkled cliffs tumble into the ocean and splendid bays, including the iconic Bay of Virgins, indent the coastline.

There are only two villages, one good pension and one dirt track, so there are plenty of opportunities to move into slow gear. For some cultural sustenance, a couple of giant petroglyphs – the biggest in French Polynesia – hidden in the forest beckon.

It’s a bit challenging to get to Fatu Hiva, but for travellers who relish the idea of being marooned for a few days, this hard-to-reach island way off most people’s radar (bar yachties) is hard to beat.