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Getting there & away

Huahine, the first of the Leeward Islands, is 170km west of Tahiti and 35km east of Ra'iatea and Taha'a.



The Aremiti 3 links Pape'ete, Huahine and Ra'iatea twice a week (Monday and Friday). It departs Pape'ete 7am and arrives at Huahine 10.45am. From Pape'ete to Huahine it's 4500/2500 CFP adult/child; from Huahine to Ra'iatea 2000/1000 CFP adult/child. The Aremiti 3 office (9am-12.30pm & 1.30-3pm) is on the quay in the centre of Fare. Call 74 39 40, 73 52 73 or 68 75 16 for information.

Inter-island cargo ships are another option, although less reliable. The Vaeanu, Taporo VII and Hawaiki Nui depart from Pape'ete and stop at Huahine.

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Huahine's airport is 2.5km north of Fare. Air Tahiti (68 77 02; 7.30-11.45am & 1.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri, 7.30-11.30am Sat) operates all flights and has an office on the main street in Fare, opposite the quay. Destinations include Pape'ete (10, 000 CFP, 35 minutes, three to five daily), Ra'iatea (5500 CFP, 15 minutes, daily) and Bora Bora (7500 CFP, 20 minutes, daily). You can also get to Maupiti (8000 CFP, 40 minutes, daily) but you have to change aircraft at Ra'iatea.

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