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Getting there & away




Kadmous (Sharia Jamal Abdel Nasser) has a station just off the big roundabout north of the park. Buses depart hourly for Damascus (S£120, four hours), and there are frequent services to Aleppo (S£120, four hours), Hama (S£70, 1½ hours) and Homs (S£70, one hour). Small buses go to Lattakia (S£40, one hour) and Baniyas (S£15, 30 minutes) every 15 to 20 minutes.

Al-Ahliah (Sharia ath-Thawra) is south of the centre; destinations and fares are similar to those of Kadmous, although departures are less frequent.


At the time of research, infrequent trains ran between Tartus and Lattakia. However, that was all set to change, with the government announcing a long-term plan to inject funds into the national railways and make greater use of its trains.

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