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Getting there & away




The main bus station(Sharia Abdel Qader al-Husseiny) is about 200m east of the train station. At least a dozen companies have their offices here, including Al-Ahliah and Kadmous, and between them they offer frequent services to Damascus (S£120, 4½ hours), Aleppo (S£100, 3½ hours) and Tartus (S£35, one hour). There are a few services going to Antakya (S£250), and then on to Ankara and Istanbul (about S£2000, 17 hours) in Turkey.


The station is 1.5km east of the town centre on Saahat al-Yaman. There are four trains a day between Lattakia and Aleppo (1st class express/1st class/2nd class S£120/80/50, 2½ or 3½ hours), and this is the rare occasion when we recommend taking the train over the bus. The trains are new, refreshments are served and even movies are offered. Not that you’ll want to watch them – the scenery is beautiful. The track winds its way through the mountains, rattling through tunnels and across bridges high over valleys below. The trains go via Homs and Hama.

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Lattakia’s Basel International Airport lies about 25km south of town, close to Jabla. Ordinarily, there are several flights a week to Damascus (S£1000, 45 minutes), with flights increasing during summer, when the airport gets busy with European charter flights. A taxi to the airport from Lattakia will cost about S£350.

SyrianAir (476 863; 8 Sharia Baghdad) has an office in the town centre.

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