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Getting around

Local transport


While there appear to be thousands of yellow Damascus taxis motoring down every street, finding one with a working meter is increasingly rare – unless you use the new Star Taxi (9207), with good drivers and vehicles, meters that work and services to the airport, Jordan and Lebanon. The fare for a city-centre ride starts at around S£25 (although can be as low as S£15 if you find a driver willing to use a meter) and can rise to around S£50 for a cross-town fare. State your destination or a well-known nearby landmark and negotiate a price before getting in.

Note that it’s extremely difficult to find an empty taxi around 4pm to 6pm (rush hour) on working days and throughout the evenings when people are heading out or home from shopping. Allow an hour to get to any of the bus terminals during rush hour.

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There’s a group of about four or five bicycle repairs and spares shops lined up along Sharia Khaled ibn Walid, about 500m due south of the main post office. Don’t expect to find any esoteric parts for your monoshocked mountain bike though.

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