Sayyida Ruqayya Mosque

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Sayyida Ruqayya Mosque information

Damascus , Syria
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Also near the Umayyad Mosque is the modern, Iranian-built Shiite Sayyida Ruqayya Mosque, dedicated to the daughter of the martyr Hussein, son of Ali. Powerful in the passion it inspires in the (mostly Iranian)pilgrims, breathtaking in the extravagance of its decoration, this mosque is one of the most fascinating sights in Damascus and its presence ripples out through the surrounding streets.

This is one of the major pilgrimage sites for Shiite pilgrims to Damascus and although it has long been thus, the current mosque dates back only to the late 1980s. While the portico, courtyard and main ‘onion’ dome are relatively restrained and quite beautiful, the interior of the prayer hall is a riot of mirror mosaics given added power by the weeping and chanting pilgrims. It can all be a little overwhelming if you’ve become accustomed to subtle Damascene interiors, but should on no account be missed. Non-Muslims may enter, except during Friday noon prayers.