Mosque of Mohi al-Din

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Mosque of Mohi al-Din information

Damascus , Syria
Souq al-Joumma
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On Souq al-Joumma, just a short distance east and facing a small square, is the modest Mosque of Mohi al-Din, with a beautiful late-Mamluk minaret. This is very much a community mosque, with men dozing in the shade of the prayer hall, but it's also a popular pilgrimage site - buried here is the body of Sheikh Mohi al-Din al-Arabi (who died in 1240), a great Sufi mystic whose writings are supposed to have greatly influenced Dante.

The tomb is downstairs, off to the left-hand side of the entrance courtyard; only men are allowed in. The claustrophobic chamber is filled by a cenotaph, enclosed in silver casing and illuminated by fluorescent green light.