Khan al-Nahaseen

Khan al-Nahaseen information

Aleppo , Syria
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Next to Al-Jumruk (but entered from the east side) is the much smaller Khan al-Nahaseen, dating from the first half of the 16th century. Until the 19th century, rooms on the 1st floor housed the Venetian consul, and during the 20th century they were the residence of the Belgian consul, Adolphe Poche, and his family. Madam Jenny Poche, descended from the last of the Venetian consuls, maintains the property, which may well qualify as the oldest continuously inhabited house in Aleppo.

Its rooms are filled with a beguiling variety of collections gathered by family members over the centuries, including archaeological finds, antiquities, mosaics and precious early photography, and there's a fine library where Madam Poche's father once waltzed with Agatha Christie. Visitors (no large groups) are welcomed only by appointment; phone the current Belgian consulate.