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Getting there & around

The Mora-Siljan airport is 6km southwest of town on the Malung road. Skyways (0771-95 95 00; www.skyways.se) has three flights to Stockholm Arlanda on weekdays and one on Sunday.

All Dalatrafik buses use the bus station at Moragatan 23. Bus 70 runs to Rättvik and Falun, and buses 103, 104, 105 and 245 run to Orsa. Once or twice daily, bus 170 goes to Älvdalen, Särna, Idre and Grövelsjön, near the Norwegian border.

Mora is an SJ (0771-75 75 75; www.sj.se) train terminus and the southern terminus of Inlandsbanan (Inland Railway), which runs north to Gällivare (mid-June to mid-August). The main train station is about 1km east of town. The more central Mora Strand is a platform station in town, but not all trains stop there, so check the timetable. When travelling to Östersund, you can choose between Inlandsbanan (Skr347, 6¼ hours, one daily) or bus 245 (Skr255, 5¼ hours, twice daily).

Hire a car in Mora to see the best of the region, especially northwest Dalarna; for smaller budget models try OKQ8 (139 58; Vasagatan 1). You can rent a bike at Intersport (59 39 39; Kyrkogatan 7; per day/week Skr100/500).