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Östersund , Sweden
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adult/under 18yr Skr250/free
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Jamtli, 1km north of the centre, consists of two parts. One is an open-air museum comprising painstakingly reconstructed wooden buildings, complete with enthusiastic guides wearing 19th-century period costume.

The stars of the indoor museum are the Överhogdal Tapestries , the oldest of their kind in Europe – Christian Viking relics from AD 1100 that feature animals, people, ships and dwellings. Another fascinating display is devoted to Storsjöodjuret, including taped interviews with those who've seen the monster, monster-catching gear and a pickled monster embryo.

Outside, you can stroll the paths around the bakery, smithy, woodman’s cottage and 18th-century farm, and take part in milking, baking, tree felling and more. Kids can get acquainted with different farm animals, run wild in the playground or ride a children’s railway.