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Money & costs


Sudanese money can be confusing when you first arrive. Although banknotes are in dinars, prices are almost always quoted in the old Sudanese pounds (1 dinar = S£10). Assume that the real price is minus a zero. Just to confuse matters further, some people drop the thousands, so ‘10 pounds’ means S£10, 000, ie SDD1000. In addition to this, the government has announced a new currency (also to be called the pound), but has not said when it will begin or what the rate will be compared to the dinar – expect even more dancing with zeroes.

Private exchange offices have the same rates as banks, but longer hours. US dollars are the easiest to change (outside Khartoum you’ll be hard pressed to change anything else), though euros, British pounds and most Middle Eastern currencies are widely accepted in Khartoum and Port Sudan. The only way to change Egyptian pounds and Ethiopian Birr is on the black market, which is easy at the borders and a little risky in Khartoum.

Money can be wired to Khartoum and Port Sudan (even from the US and Britain, though this could always change because of sanctions) with Western Union and Travelex. Credit cards and travellers cheques are useless.