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Introducing Kingstown

Rough cobblestone streets, arched stone doorways and covered walkways conjure up a Caribbean of banana boats and colonial rule. The city of Kingstown heaves and swells with a pulsing local community that bustles through its narrow streets and alleyways. Steep hills surround the town, amplifying the sounds of car horns, street vendors and the music filtering through the crowd.

For nearly all visitors to SVG, Kingstown is the gateway to exploring the outer islands of the Grenadines. Travelers come here to use the bank, stock up on supplies and have a taste of town before heading out into the quiet of the surrounding islands. The one time to make sure you visit Kingstown is on Saturdays when the streets and market heave.

There is more tourist infrastructure a few miles down the road from Kingstown in the towns of Villa and Indian Bay – this is where you will find the majority of the resorts on the island.

The city is hemmed in by the island’s hilly topography, and the center consists of only about a dozen dense blocks. Ferries from the Grenadines arrive at the jetty just south of the city center.