Diyaluma Falls

Lonely Planet review

Heading towards Wellawaya you’ll pass the 171m-high Diyaluma Falls, Sri Lanka’s third-highest waterfall, just 5km beyond the town of Koslanda. Cascading down an escarpment of the Koslanda Plateau, the stream is fairly small, but it quickly escalates after a downpour. By bus, take a Wellawaya service from Haputale and get off at Diyaluma (1¼ hours). The falls leap over a cliff face and fall in one clear drop to a pool below.

Climb up to some beautiful pools – ideal for swimming – and a series of minifalls at the top of the main fall. Walk about 500m down the road from the bottom of the falls and take the estate track that turns sharply back up to the left. From there it’s about 20 minutes’ walk to a small rubber factory, where you strike off uphill to the left. The track is very indistinct, although there are some white arrows on the rocks. Ask the locals to make sure you’re going the right way. At the top the path forks: the right branch (more distinct) leads to the pools above the main falls, the left fork to the top of the main falls.