Thirukketeeswaram Kovil

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Thirukketeeswaram Kovil information

On the mainland, 13km east of Mannar Town, Thirukketeeswaram Kovil is one of the pancha ishwaram , the five historical Sri Lankan Shiva temples established to protect the island from natural disaster. It’s an imposing site, with a towering, colourful gopuram . Ranged around the temple are pavilions containing five gigantic floats, called juggernauts, that are wheeled out each February for the impressive Maha Sivarathiri festival.

Thirukketeeswaram Kovil is 4.5km down a side road off the Mannar–Vavuniya road between the 76km and 77km markers. Buses from Mannar are frequent; three-wheelers charge Rs 1000 for the round trip.