Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo

Lonely Planet review

Spread over two floors, this is a rich collection of modern Spanish art, mostly paintings and graphic art with a smattering of photography, sculpture and drawings. Running throughout much of the gallery are works showcasing creative interpretations of Madrid’s cityscape – avant-garde splodges and almost old-fashioned visions of modern Madrid side by side – and, for many lay visitors, therein lies the museum’s greatest appeal. Some examples include Juan Moreno Aquado’s Chamartín (2000), Luis Mayo’s Cibeles (1997) and a typically fantastical representation of the Cibeles fountain by one-time icon of la movida madrileña, Ouka Lele. The many talented artists represented here include Eduardo Arroyo and Basque sculptor Jorde Oteiza. The museum was closed for major renovations at the time of writing with no scheduled date for reopening.