Catedral de Granada

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Granada , Spain
Gran Vía de Colón 5
+34 958 22 29 59
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10:45am-7.45pm Mon-Sat, 4-7pm Sun
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Too boxed in by other buildings to manifest its full glory to observers at ground level, Granada’s cavernous cathedral is, nonetheless, a hulking classic that sprang from the fertile imagination of the 17th-century painter-cum-sculptor-cum-architect Alonso Cano. Although commissioned by the Catholic Monarchs in the early 1500s, construction began only after Isabella’s death, and didn’t finish until 1704.

The result is a mishmash of styles: baroque outside, courtesy of Cano, and Renaissance inside, where the Spanish pioneer in this style, Diego de Siloé, directed operations to construct huge piers, white as meringue, a black-and-white tile floor and the gilded and painted chapel. Even more odd, the roof vaults are distinctly Gothic.