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Cáceres , Spain
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From Plaza de San Jorge, Cuesta de la Compañía climbs to Plaza de San Mateo and the Iglesia de San Mateo , traditionally the church of the land-owning nobility and built on the site of the town's mosque. The soaring wooden altarpiece is an impressive sight at the end of the single nave with its high Gothic vaulting.

Just to the east is the Torre de las Cigüeñas . This was the only Cáceres tower to retain its battlements when the rest were lopped off in the late 15th century. It houses occasional art exhibitions.

Below the square is the excellent Museo de Cáceres in a 16th-century mansion built over a 12th-century aljibe (cistern), a surviving element of Cáceres' Muslim castle. It has an impressive archaeological section and an excellent fine-arts display (open mornings only), with works by Picasso, Miró, Tàpies and other renowned artists.

Other nearby buildings include the Palacio de los Golfines de Arriba , where Franco was declared head of state in 1936, and the Casa Mudéjar , which still reflects its Islamic influence in its brickwork and 1st-floor window arches.